• Lifelong passions: arts and crafts, travel, helping people;

  • Sidetracked by: various diploma programs like hairdressing and travel agent, and jobs in search of purpose, in addition to time spent as a business owner, a volunteer, and a mixed media instructor; proud Mother and political candidate.

  • Which has led to strengths and skills in: communications, event planning, business management, workshop instruction and design, leadership and people skills, public speaking, dreaming and taking action.

  • My identified purpose, at this time in my life: to make a difference in my community; to help those in need by creating a more just society, and to encourage others to discover their purpose.

  • My dream: to found a social enterprise/business model that offers job opportunities to those with barriers to employment. This wouldn't just be a business, but a model that will offer employees the opportunity to invest in their mental health, provide opportunities for growth and wellness. 

  • Where I’m at with it: carrying out Compassion Pop Up events and Community Dinners that offer the chance for neighbours to connect; teaching Creativity Counts workshops at local non-profits, which provides an opportunity to those in need to experience the power of the creative process. Social justice advocacy, speaking out against anti-LGBTQ2+ activity in Lower Mainland, founded BC Families for Inclusivity. Founding member of Langley Pride Fest organizing committee. With each event, I learn so much – about the community, it’s challenges, the power of kindness, and what we can accomplish when we work together. Along the way, I have developed an interest in politics and have been a candidate in both a municipal and federal election. My interest is fuelled by the need for our current systems of government to more adequately represent the needs of each and every constituent. I have spoken with too many in our community, that do not feel their elected officials are working for them and I would like to do what I can to change that.

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